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Tuesday, 26 Oct 2021

Tools and Materials - ZnO

We make Zinc oxide (ZnO) synthetic single crystals

Application ZnO

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The crystals of ZnO have the unique combination of semi-conductive, piezoelectric, optical and temperature properties in comparison with the other crystals. These properties provide for successful application of zinc oxide crystals in different fields of science and engineering (piezoelectric converters, optical wave guides, sensors - gas analyzers, opto- and acoustoelectronic devices, scintillators and many others).

Zinc oxide (ZnO) synthetic single crystals

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Zinc oxide single crystals having semi-conductive and piezoelectric characteristics are the promising materials for using in various fields of electronic engineering. Such properties of ZnO single crystals as the high values of both band gap width and electromechanical coupling coefficient, the absence of phase transitions and the radiation resistance up to 900 °C makes ZnO to be the promising material for the application in the fields where the application of quartz is limited.

ZnO Single Crystal Substrate

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New substrate for GaN film Typical Properties

Purity Wt %.



Mg:<.0005         Al:<.0030     Si: 0.00з0 Тi:.0010        Cu: < .00з0 Fe:< 0.005 Ca: <0005            Ag: < .0002

Crystal Structure

Hexagonal: a= 3.252  , c = 5.313

Gowth Method



4 moh scale