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Tuesday, 26 Oct 2021

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"Minerals" make Synthetic quartz

Synthetic piezoquartz

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Synthetic piezoquartzOne of the first places among the synthetic minerals which can be applied in technology and industry belongs to the synthetic quartz due to its good piezoelectric and optical properties.

Synthetic types of piezoquartz raw materials are the indispensable crystalline materials for the production of unique perspective devices. The most common application of piezoelectric quartz is a piezoelectric resonator which is used as the basic element of the support technology products (Variable-frequency (VFO), temperature-compensated (TCXO), voltage-controlled (VCO), temperature-controlled (TCXO) oscillators, etc.). ZY-cut crystals are the most common crystals for use in the manufacture of quartz resonators and filters. ZX-cut crystals are used for the fabrication of surface acoustic wave delay lines on the basis of the large-scale ST-plates (300 mm in diameter). Piezoelectric quartz quality is determined by the International (IEC 758), Japanese (JIS C-6704) and Russian (OST 41-07-274-87) standards.

The surface acoustic wave (SAW)

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"Mineral" company produces the surface acoustic wave (SAW) and bulk acoustic wave (BAW) delay lines. Delay lines are designed for pulses (with linear frequency modulation) forming and processing.

Elements of ultrasound delay lines based on the synthetic quartz crystals possess high heat resistance and stability of the time delay value. They provide a delay of 1-100ms or more.

In addition, the production of acoustic line wafers based on piezoelectric quartz intended for the manufacture of surface acoustic waves products have been mastered. Other quartz wafer cuts production are allowed in consultation with the consumer with showing the location and crystallographic orientation of the working surface.