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Sunday, 05 Dec 2021

High purity Silicon carbide

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A single crystal silicon carbide (SiC) has a layered crystal structure consisting of elementary layers which differ from each other by the crystal packing. Actually, within the framework of the general chemical formula - SiC - silicon carbide combines a family of layered materials whose properties depend on the mutual arrangement of the layers.

Single crystal silicon carbide attracts the wide research interest due to its properties. On the Mohs scale silicon carbide has a high hardness of 9.5 (compared to 10 for diamond). The silicon carbide density is 3.21 g/cm3 vs. 3.53 g/cm3 for diamond. In addition, single crystal SiC has a high refractive index of 2.65 (compared to 2.42 for diamond). The color of silicon carbide varies from colorless to black depending on the impurities.

Silicon carbide is a semiconductor; its conductivity depends on the type of impurity. SiC can be doped n-type by nitrogen or phosphorus and p-type by gallium, aluminum and boron. SiC-based epitaxial structures are of great interest for the high power high-speed electronics. Silicon carbide is resistant to external influences and remains intact up to 1800oC. Silicon carbide material has a high thermal conductivity that slightly inferior that of diamond, and several times exceeds that of copper. These properties of single crystal silicon carbide make it very attractive for the developers of electronic components.

In 2010, total sales of the finished SiC-products have amounted to more than $ 2.5 billion. United States was the leading importer (nearly 90% of SiC production). Manufacturers have the fairly stringent restrictions on supply silicon carbide products. Therefore, the development of the monocrystalline silicon carbide production in our country is important and actual.

Silicon carbide single crystals growth is carried out using sublimation growth systems with induction heating, i.e. technique is based on evaporation and condensation of vaporized material. During the process the condensation of supersaturated vapor onto SiC single crystal seed (the silicon carbide substrate) is occured. Graphite tooling is used to obtain the high temperatures (2500ºC). Polycrystalline SiC raw material of semiconductor purity is used as vaporized substances and hexagonal monocrystalline silicon carbide wafer is used as a seed.

We have carbothermic technology of synthesis high purity SiC single crystal powder. Mineral Ltd. offer 99.997% SiC single crystal powder of grain size 200-500 microns, submicron with D50=0.3 microns. Mineral Ltd. can produce SiC powder of size and purity based on customer request.

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