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Welcome to site Mineral Group

We are glad to welcome You on the site. Here You can get information about activity of group of companies "Mineral ", get acquainted with our products, performed projects, etc.

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Mineral Group fulfill following projects

Ammonothermal GaN Project, Carbon Nanocomposite Project, Diamond Abrasive Tools Project, High Purity Quartz Powder Project,Sapphire Project, etc.

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Synthetic piezoquartz

"Mineral" company supplies quartz products (piezo- and optical quartz) to Russian and foreign companies (Japan, China, Taiwan, etc.)

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UMG Solar Silicon Project

Mineral developed UMG technology based on high purity (99.99%) lump quartz and high purity (99.95%) thermal black as raw materials.

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Sunday, 05 Dec 2021

Our Projects

Lithium Iron Phosphate Project

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4, hereinafter LFP) has found already a wide application as a cathode material for Li-ion batteries because of relatively high...

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LED grade sapphire by Kyropoulos method

Our technical team has 15 years experience of LED grade sapphire growth by Kyropoulos method and manufacturing cylinders.  We transferred...

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Our Publications

Striae-free and Bubble-free Optical Syntheitic Quartz

Striae-free and Bubble-free Optical Syntheitic Quartz

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High purity SiC powder

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ACME Electronics Corporation started production of high purity SiC powder after training their specialists performed by Mineral Ltd. in Y2014 by order of USI Corporation. The developed process of powder production is best for manufacturing raw material for SiC single crystal growth by PVT method.

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